The PDSA Pet Practice Scheme – your questions answered

The PDSA Pet Practice service is provided by Grove Veterinary Centre Ltd on behalf of the PDSA to give eligible clients access to veterinary treatment for a named pet. This allows those with limited means to have the benefits of pet ownership without the burden of costs that accidents and illnesses can bring. The PDSA is a charity and relies entirely on donations to function.

Who is eligible for the PDSA scheme at Grove Vets?

Any household receiving council tax benefit or housing benefit within the postcode areas of LA13-LA16.

Does my pet have to be vaccinated?

All animals on PDSA Pet Practice Service at Grove Veterinary Centre must be up to date with their routine vaccinations. This is a requirement of the practice and does not reflect PDSA policy. This is in line with the practice policy of encouraging effective preventative care for all patients.

Can I have more than one pet on the scheme?

No. Only one pet per eligible household can be registered on the scheme.

Where should I go for treatment for my other animals?

If you have an animal on the PDSA Pet Practice scheme, all other pets on the same household should get their veterinary treatment at Grove Veterinary Centre. It is recommended that animals that are not on PDSA should be insured against accident and illness.

Why do I have to get my form in by a certain date?

We send our forms in one or two large batches a month and we need to allow plenty of time so that they can be processed before the beginning of the next month by the PDSA. This is time and cost effective for the practice and the PDSA. If you are making your first application a member of staff can advise you of the closing date each month. If you are submitting a renewal, please do so as soon as you receive the renewal form.

Can I send my form directly to the PDSA?

No. The form must be countersigned by the practice, and therefore should be returned to us in the first instance.

I live in Ulverston which is LA12 and am on benefits, why can I not join the scheme?

The PDSA set the rules and postcode areas. If you receive the correct benefits you may be able to get one off assistance from the PDSA but you won’t be able to join the Pet Practice Service. Contact the surgery for further information.

Does the PDSA cover neutering of my pets?

The PDSA does not cover any routine healthcare. All vaccinations, wormers and flea treatments should be purchased at Grove Veterinary Centre. This helps to offset the costs of running the scheme for the practice. The surgery runs a very effective Preventive Healthcare Plan to help reduce and spread costs. More information is available here. Neutering of dogs can be arranged at a discounted rate for those who are eligible for certain benefits. This is under a separate scheme run by the charity DogsTrust. The charity Cats Protection also offer a voucher scheme to reduce to cost of neutering your cat.

What does PDSA Pet Service cover?

PDSA Pet Service  covers basic treatment for sickness and injury. It is strictly limited to the treatments that can be provided by the registered practice and all treatment is at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon that is dealing with your pet. There are restrictions on certain treatment options such as chemotherapy (which is not covered). It is designed to maintain the welfare of the patient and therefore non essential interventions eg removal of benign lumps may not be covered.

If my pet needs specialist treatment can I get that under the PDSA?

No. The PDSA Pet Practice Service will cover any treatment that can be given at the surgery but cannot contribute to referral costs.

My pet has a problem now, can I get help instantly?

You can always get help instantly; it just will not be free under the scheme. The scheme relies on prior registration of your pet. You should endeavour to register as soon as you can to avoid such a problem from arising. You may be required to deal with existing problems yourself before registration can be accepted. You may be eligible for some assistance towards urgent initial costs and the vet will be able to advise you on this when your pet is examined.

What happens if I need treatment for my pet out of normal working hours?

PDSA Pet Practice  Service does not cover out of hours call out fees or house visits. Call early if your pet has a problem to avoid the need for an out of hours call. You must bring your PetAid certificate with you whenever you attend at the surgery. This is particularly important with out of hours calls when you may have to attend at another surgery.

Is the treatment really free?

It is, but we expect you to make some donation to the PDSA and you will be asked each time you attend to make a contribution. The suggested donation is around 20% (a fifth) of the cost of treatment but the more you can give, the better. Be aware that treatment cannot be given free if you do not have a valid certificate with you. There is an access fee payable when you renew your PDSA certificate every 6 months. In July 2016 the fee is currently £7.50 and can be paid direct to the practice.

Can I go to a different surgery under the PDSA?

No. Grove Veterinary Centre is the only registered practice in the area that provides this special service. If you choose to go elsewhere you will have to pay their charges as normal. The same applies if you take your pet with you on a visit out of the area.


For more information on the PDSA Pet Service scheme and the work of the PDSA please click here

" I am extremely grateful and very pleased that PDSA is used for my bunny to make her well and to enjoy life the best she can. Without PDSA it would make life very hard and difficult to manage the bills. Thank you for your care and help with pet, owner, and finances."

Susan Walsh