If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

Out of Hours

What to do in case of an emergency

If your pet has an emergency during our normal opening hours, please call the practice and we will advise you what to do next.

Should your pet have an accident or fall ill outside of our opening hours, including weekends and Bank Holidays, please call our usual number, listen to the recorded message and follow the instructions to arrange emergency vet care. 

In Spring 2024 we are going through a period of transition where our emergency cover is moving from an on-call basis to a dedicated out of hours provider called Vets Now. Their vets and  nurses are trained  in accident and  emergency  medicine/ surgery  and are on  site at  all  times. 

Not  sure if  your pet needs an appointment? Why not contact the video vet  to speak  to a vet at your convenience by clicking the  Video vet  tab on our web page. 

Our ability to provide care to our hospitalised patients will not be affected by these changes. Animals admitted during the working day will still be cared for by our dedicated team of vets and nurses. 

For routine appointments such as vaccinations, PHC check ups  and  general non  urgent  examinations please call 01229 820402 during normal working hours. Alternatively you can book an appointment online by following the link above. 

There is no change of data controller, which means your data stays within the same group, so you don’t need to do anything. 

We thank you for your continued support and custom and look forward to seeing you and your pet in practice very soon. 

Kind Regards, 

All the team at Grove Veterinary Centre 

  • How to contact a vet in an emergency
  • Provision of Cover
  • Attending the on call vets
  • Costs of emergency callouts

How to contact a vet in an emergency

In case of emergency or when urgent advice is needed you should call the practice on 01229 820402 regardless of whether the practice is open or closed. It is not appropriate to contact by email or facebook messaging in these cases.

You should accept Option 1 on the menu when prompted and you will be connected to an answer-machine message which will give the contact number for the duty vet.

Provision of Cover

Emergency veterinary cover is provided by ourselves at Grove Vet Centre.

It will not be possible to see a preferred vet out of hours unless they happen to be on call.

Attending the on call vets

For the vast majority of emergency calls you will be expected to attend at the relevant practice. In exceptional circumstances the vet may be able to make a house call but you should be aware that not only is this a more expensive option it greatly limits the service the vet can provide. Even if you have no transport of your own it remains your responsibility to get your pet to the out-of-hours provider either through public transport, taxi or with a friend or family member.

Costs of emergency callouts

There is an additional fee for out of hours attendance which varies with the time the callout is requested, being more expensive during the night than the day. All other charges are the same as during the day though if nurse assistance is required this will attract a fee. A significant proportion of out-of-hours calls relate to problems that started during working hours and often some days before so it is always best to call the surgery as soon as a problem arises. It is better for your pet’s well being and for your pocket.