Dedicated Nursing Staff

Clinics with our Registered Veterinary Nurses

Since 1997 Grove Vets has been training our own veterinary nurses. In addition to those who are employed here, a number of nurses have undergone training placements with us before qualifying and moving to other practices or referral centres.

At any time there is at least one trainee nurse who is working towards the qualification of Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN).

Qualified nurses provide significant benefit over unqualified staff. They undergo rigorous training and examination in a suitably equipped and dedicated practice so are more capable of dealing with the range and scope of situations that may arise.

They are legally able to independently carry out a range of procedures which unqualified staff cannot including blood sampling, injections and some minor surgical procedures freeing up vets for diagnosing and treating disease and injury.

At Grove Vets we are passionate about the independent role RVNs have to play and the close relationships they develop with patients and clients.

Our nurses have their own clinics for some vaccinations, weight control, dressing changes and blood sampling. They run the dispensary, laboratory and xray facilities and carry out all dental scaling and polishing.

Our hydrotherapy unit is operated entirely by nursing staff with veterinary surgeons providing back up for ongoing monitoring of clinical cases.

Most importantly of all it is the hardworking, caring and dedicated nurses who will look after your much loved pet whenever it is necessary to stay in the practice.

Unlike most other practices, Grove Vets in Barrow-in-Furness provides overnight and weekend nursing care for inpatients.

Working closely with the attending veterinary surgeon, individual care plans ensure that your pet gets the right care whenever they are admitted. Having a nurse on the premises allows for regular assessments, day and night. If any problem arises it can be dealt with promptly and effectively.

Our Nursing Team